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Icon / Proto Aluminum

Icon / Proto Aluminum

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Introducing Spoke Icon in Proto Aluminum. 'Proto Aluminum' is simply unfinished bare aluminum... it's how all of our initial prototypes look before we have them finished with the anodize process. While these pens aren't prototypes, we decided to call it 'proto aluminum' to convey that these are lightly brushed bare aluminum parts without an anodized finish. Bare aluminum is a relatively soft metal, so the pencil will likely scratch and scuff up over time to give it a cool industrial/used look... if that's your vibe, this pen is for you!

The Spoke Icon Fountain Pen features our classic Spoke Design, but with a twist. Literally. Each of our colorful barrels has a swappable internal sleeve which( along with the screw in grip) allows you to change your pen color scheme to match your style, ink, or even your socks.

Of course, you don’t have to change up any of the colors if you don’t wish to. Our multitude of stock colors are pretty fantastic on their own, with matching barrel sleeves and grip sections. But if you want to mix it up today, or down the line, you can buy as many different colors as we sell and change it to your heart's content.


Nib: Jowo Steel #6 with Spoke Logo

Cap Style: Screw on, does not post

Ink System:

1) Comes with one Schmidt K5 converter

2) Accepts International Standard Cartridges (2 blue/black MonteVerde included)


Barrel: 0.52" / 13.2mm

Grip, concave middle: 0.36" / 9.2mm

Grip concave ends: 0.425" / 10.8mm


Capped: 4.90" / 124.4mm

Uncapped: 4.75" / 120.6mm


Capped: 0.83oz / 23.6g

Uncapped: 0.62oz / 17.5g

A note on finish: The machined aluminum parts have an anodized finish to provide color and durability. While anodizing is durable (Macbooks are anodized), it is not an indestructible finish. Through use over time, it would not be unusual for the finish to selectively wear through to expose the silver aluminum underneath (typically at edges or threads). We consider this a usage/aging process that makes you pen your own unique item... and not a defect.