Spoke Pen and Roady model 2s


Happy New Year from us (Brian & Brad @ Spoke)! While we're not big into resolutions, we have nevertheless resolved to send out a monthly email to provide some insight into what's going on here at Spoke. So here we go...

Right at the end of the year, we released the model 2 version of our Spoke Pen. The model 2 has some design refinements to refresh it a bit... it's hard to believe that it is coming up on 4 years since we released our original Spoke Pen.

In mid January, we followed suit by offering a model 2 version of our Roady pen. Again, some adjustments were made to refresh the design... no worries, we kept the funky vibe and colorways!

We have fun plans for Spoke in 2023... plenty of new colorways and new products. We also resolved to be more active on our @spokedesign Instagram with daily posts, so keep an eye out for further updates. As always, we super appreciate your interest and support!

Very Best Regards,

Brad & Brian @Spoke


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