Model 4 updates... a new grip and a new color

You already know the Spoke Model 4 mechanical pencil is super customizable... and the options keep expanding with two new additions:

1-the Inverse Grip

The Inverse grip is a reverse tapered grip that transitions from 9.2mm to 7.3mm from the tip end to the barrel side. It's unique configuration for those who like to try something beyond a typical cylinder.

Spoke Model 4 mechanical pencil inverse grip

Initially available in Titanium, with 2 finish options... a shiny as machined finish and a sandblasted matte finish for an extra bit of grip.

2-Cyan Barrel

With the addition of cyan, the Spoke Model 4 has another bright color option that really stands out for those who'd like a nice pop of color. Options, options, options... we're all about options!

 As always, thanks for stopping by!

Best/Brian & Brad