Model 3 sold out... forever... what's next?

The all Titanium Model 3 pencil is now sold out... and as previously indicated... I won't be making any more of those (100 total made).

The Model 4 is going to be a 'standard'... meaning that I intend to keep the Model 4 around for the forseeable future.  With all of the configurable options, the Model 4 is a pencil where hopefully there is 'something for everybody'.

As for what's next... I do have a few new things in the works... and the Model 5 is certainly one of those things.  I'm toying around with 3 'versions' of the 5... a 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3.  Those designations will make more sense when it's unveiled... hopefully in May.

Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your interest and support!