About time to get Spoke going again!


Spoke Pencil was my first Kickstarter project way back in 2012.  It lead me on an interesting path of serial Kickstarter projects going in several different fun directions.  I'm still exploring and creating... but it seems like now is a good time to revisit Spoke Pencil.  

I tired to do it with a model 3... but the design in titanium is just too problematic to reasonably produce.  I have a limited number on the site now... and won't be making any more of those.  

With model 3 'retired'...  that leaves Model 4 to lead the Spoke Pencil resurgence.  I have a new design in the works that will provide a lot of options. I'm currently planning on doing it on Kickstarter... probably a September launch (yes September 2017;)

Keep and eye out for it and thanks for stopping by!