Spoke Pencil Model 5-3
Spoke Pencil Model 5-3
Spoke Pencil Model 5-3
Spoke Pencil Model 5-3
Spoke Pencil Model 5-3

Spoke Pencil Model 5-3

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Spoke Pencil Model 5-3 (revision 2).

The model 5-3 is back with 3 updates:

1- The tip ferrule has changed from aluminum to stainless steel to add a touch more tip end weighting while remaining super light overall.

2- There are three new anodized colors for the distinctively Spoke pencil barrel... blue, red, and gunmetal grey.

3- The eraser end of the barrel still has the distinctive '5 dot' machined marking... and located 180 degrees from the dots the Spoke logo and lead size indication are laser marked.

The Spoke Model 5-3... designating the design treatment of the through slots in the 6 signature side grooves (3 through slots on model 5-3).


  • Precision machined aluminum barrel, replaceable steel tip
  • Pentel P20X mechanism based
  • 0.5 / 0.7 / 0.9mm lead sizes available
  • 4mm fixed sleeve tip
  • Eraser under back cap
  • Grip/Barrel diameter: 9mm / 0.354"
  • Length: 142.6mm / 5.614"
  • Weight: 12g / 0.4oz...  these are ultra lightweight... if you like the light... these are perfect... if you like some heft to your pencils, these are not for you... try a model 4 with a stainless steel or brass grip.

With every order... your 'kit' includes...

  • the pencil in your choice of model, finish, and lead size
  • a machined black polyacetal plastic desk dock with silicone rubber base
  • a tube of 12 additional Pentel leads
  • a tube of 4 additional erasers Pentel Z21-N
  • a Spoke logo sticker