Spoke Pen / Editions
Spoke Pen / Editions

Spoke Pen / Editions

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The Spoke Pen Joker Edition combines a unique Purple/Lime/Black colorway for a distinct look. The Pen grip on Joker is black anodized aluminum.

Spoke Pen ships with a Uniball Signo UMR-1-05 gel ink refill (from the Uniball Signo DX Pen) and can accept many other popular refills including:

  • the UMR-8# (refills for Signo 207/307 Pens)
  • Pentel LR# (refills for Energel RTX Pens)
  • Uniball SXR-# (refills for Jetstream Ballpoint).

NOTE: The cap for the Spoke Pen does not 'post'... meaning it does not fit on the end of the pen barrel when removed. We made this design choice to keep the pen balance ideal and to keep the pens styling in full view in use.