Roady / Slot Purple
Roady / Slot Purple
Roady / Slot Purple
Roady / Slot Purple
Roady / Slot Purple

Roady / Slot Purple

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$ 69.00
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$ 69.00

Roady - Slot Purple

A bright purple pen featuring our Slot Cap with the signature Spoke look. Anodizing is not an exact process, so on this batch, the barrel is a bit darker purple than the cap. While not intentional we like the slightly two tone look:)

  • Cap: Slot Style Purple Anodized Aluminum (magnetic attach)
  • Cap End: Purple Anodized Aluminum with Spoke Logo
  • Clip: Shiny Nickel Plated Stainless Steel
  • Grip: Shiny Grooved Titanium, with Stainless Steel cone
  • Barrel: Purple Anodized Aluminum
  • Barrel End Plug: Stainless Steel


  • Length, Pen Capped: 4.4in. / 112mm
  • Length, Pen Posted: 4.6 in. / 117mm
  • Length, Pen Only: 3.86 in. / 98mm
  • Grip Diameter: 0.36 in. / 9mm
  • Barrel Diameter: 0.44 in. / 11mm
  • Weight (pen only): 0.48 oz. / 14g
  • Weight (pen & cap): .84 oz. / 24g


Spoke Roady is compatible with 'Parker style' refills and ships with a premium Uni Jetstream SXR-600-07 Black 0.7mm refill.

It's a Metal Pen

As a metal pen, it is quite durable... but depending on usage, over time the pen will develop a unique appearance. Bare metals such a Titanium and Stainless Steel are durable, but can develop wear and marking over time. We appreciate the individual look of a well used pen!